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Elsewhere $50 Frames Can Turn Any Video On Your Phone In 3D

The future of video content is VR but, for now, we’re happy to watch 3D movies at the cinema. The only bad part is that we can’t have the same experience on the go, from our phones, not without help. Elsewhere is advertised as a “VR” headset that can give another dimension to any smartphone media content #mobilemagic

The adjustable lens frame can be attached to an iPhone and with the companion app (available only for iOS now), you can start seeing your videos in 3D. The lens pretty much re-formats media on the camera roll so it appears three dimensional and the app helps adjust contrast or zooms in, making you feel like you’re surrounded by video. Now, in that mode, you can fool yourself into thinking it’s VR.

Bottom line: Elsewhere is a budget-friendly device that delivers a fun, rich, deep experience. You can’t compare it with Oculus Rift or Gear VR, but you can watch 3D content on the subway or during lunch breaks, for $50. Easy-peasy!

Elsewhere $50 Frames Can Turn Any Video On Your Phone In 3D
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