If your favorite ironclad superhero or bespectacled wizard subscribed to a tech publication, this would be it.

In our world, Harry did not choose to become a Potter and search for ingredients on hidden alleys.
He chose to be an Engineer, his magic being about software and his wand being a Transformer, taking the shape of any smart object out-there, be it a smartphone or a pen.

See, we believe that / in:

1. Engineers are the wizards of our world. Mysterious, wise, people of few words, engineers are doers, letting their accomplishments do the talking. When those turn out to be too subtle for you, we come along.

2. It’s our turn to cover technology breakthroughs, otherwise indistinguishable from magic, with news and editorials meant to help you understand them better.

3. We may not have charms that give 30-minute daydreams but we do have virtual reality gears; we lack binoculars that work in slow-motion and track objects, but we do have smartphones and drones. These are some of the smart objects we are passionate about, invested with cameras we know about, at the center of advanced technology nowadays.

4. Tech is the only real way to Lead today. So, let us help you get a hold of tomorrow’s technologies by shedding more light on this new wizardry called engineering.

5. There’s hardware for that. What’s “that”? Any function for any mobile, smart object that needs to save power while solving tomorrow’s problems.

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