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Adobe Plugin Lets You Publish Images Directly To Instagram


Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and another social media networks, Instagram doesn’t let its users upload photos from a computer. The restriction forces many to post content taken with the phone or send DSLR-made pictures to their phone to upload. What they don’t know is an Adobe plugin can make everything easier  #fotomagic

Some of you are already using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to edit photos. Now, a plugin for it can help with Instagram posting. Lightroom Library has a Publish Services option where you can select your desired social media platform. If you install LR/Instagram plugin, the “instant photo” platform will appear in the Services list, enabling you to upload content.

A word of caution: this is an unofficial plugin, meaning neither Adobe nor Instagram support it officially. When the platform updates its code, you might see things malfunction. If you go to the plugin site now, you’ll see a warning concerning the visibility of photos posted in the hashtag search. This could be fixed soon and some users even claim they don’t have this issue at all. 

LR/Instagram plugin is completely free to download and install but you can show your appreciation with $10. If you’d love to post easier, from your computer, this is definitely worth a try. Check step-by-step instructions here. 

Adobe Plugin Lets You Publish Images Directly To Instagram
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