This AI Is Putting a Stop to Racial Profiling

Lawmakers may have to jump through hoops to change the status quo but authorities have no problem keeping up with the times. In fact, police officers have gone from using UAVs to investigate crime scenes to investing in devices that can crack smartphones for clues and using algorithms to predict the next location and date of a crime. Now, an AI could do even more and put a stop to racial profiling by predicting who is going to commit the next felony.

Cortica, the Israeli leading company in artificial intelligence, and India’s Best Group have joined forces to create a smart video surveillance system.

After training the AI on terabytes of images captured by CCTV cameras, the companies used facial detection to spot expressions that are tell-tale signs of a person’s intentions. At that point, the program associated trembling lips or twitchy eyelids with certain actions.

So, the next step was to use those associations to spot probable offenders.

How did they do it without risking the reconstruction of the entire system in case of failure? Watch the video above for the answer!

One thing’s for sure: the unbiased nature of an advanced AI is key to ending racial profiling.

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