Amazon To Spend More Than $1 Billion For Ring And Its Smart Doorbells

amazon aquisition 1 billion ring home security devices

Amazon is expanding aggressively into the home security arena! Reuters reports that the company will be spending $1 billion for Ring, a maker of smart doorbells, security cameras, and other home security accessories. #securemagic

It’s the second time Amazon has bought a company that makes home security devices. At the end of last December, the e-commerce giant bought Blink, another similar startup. 

What’s really funny is the fact that Ring was previously called DoorBot and its founder has gone on Shark Tank to pitch his idea back in 2013. What happened?

The judges rejected the smart doorbell. Obviously, they didn’t know what Amazon was planning and how IoT devices were about to take over the world.

Amazon is right now offering the best opportunities for designers and developers to innovate, believes James Haliburton, CEO of Topp:

It’s clear that this is another push against Google Home. It also means that it will be easier for Amazon to enhance the Amazon Key project, one that had serious security flaws at launch.

However, the convenience of the Amazon Key system is undeniable when it comes to receiving packages at home. Who hasn’t struggled to catch a courier in their limited delivery window?

With Amazon’s last big-ticket purchases, we think it will only be a year or two until Alexa controls everything in our homes, from the temperature to the front-door lock.

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