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Amazon Echo Look Is A Hands-Free Camera For Your Outfits

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You know how at every couple of Instagram posts there comes one with an outfit selfie captured in a mirror? The presence of a smartphone kinda ruins the mood, not to mention the #ootd. Bloggers, fashionistas – they all know that. And Amazon does too so it invented the Echo Look, a hands-free cam for your stylish mornings #objectmagic

Echo Look takes what makes the first Amazon Echo so great and adds a personal touch that will appeal to people into fashion. Amazon has been eyeing the fashion industry for some time now, wanting to become a relevant seller itself. Its opportunity might have come thanks to this insightful camera. See, the company equipped Echo Look with a depth-sensing camera, four LEDs for great shots, even in your apartment and a feature that works as a fashion stylist, telling you which outfit looks best, how could you pair it up and ultimately, use that info to give brands better customer knowledge.

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But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First – how does Echo Look work? Well, after you get dressed for the day you simply have to tell the smart cam to grab a picture or video of you. Thanks to Alexa, the voice command is followed on the spot. Moreover, Amazon’s outfit camera will blur the background so the focus remains on the outfit, not the bedroom decorations. You can share your photos to social media afterwards from the companion app or do a Style Check. With this feature enabled, Echo Look will take two snaps of you and give them to the Outfit Compare platform. After both looks are analyzed by the algorithms – which crunch trends, stylist tips, season colors and fittings -, the app can tell you which outfit is the winner.

There is where your job ends. But Amazon further uses that data to train their machine learning platform so it can give you better advice in the future. All the media stays in the cloud, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if one day, Amazon would use them to give purchase suggestions, select appropriate ads for you or deliver unique, tailored clothes to your door.

Meanwhile, how safe is the camera? Since it’s probably going to find a place on your nightstand, Amazon has taken safety precautions. Echo Look’s camera is always off unless you enable it with the magical word “Alexa” or the app. The mic, though, has to be turned off by pushing a physical button located on the side of the device.  It’s the only way to make sure the camera doesn’t start if you say Alexa accidentally.

The company is already selling Echo Look on their website at the price of $200.

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