Andromeda Surface Phone Could Show Up Sooner Than You Think

microsoft surface andromeda

Microsoft will hold its Build Conference in Seattle between May 7 and May 9 and everyone expects to see the foldable Surface Phone show up there. #mobilemagic

In recent months, the rumor mill has been making all kinds of claims about Andromeda, the codename for the Surface Phone in question, and most of them were backed up by a specific Microsoft patent.

Submitted in October 2014, the Microsoft patent described a phone capable of extending up to three times in order to adjust to the user’s needs. It essentially shuffled between a regular phone, a casual tablet for web browsing and an extended tablet perfect for a day at the office.

The renders above are less ambitious… but just as appealing.

As the Build Conference draws close, it seems likely that we’ll see an actual Surface Phone announcement. After all, Microsoft has been suspiciously quiet lately.

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