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Apple Is Developing MicroLED Screen For Smartwatch In Secret Facility

apple watch series 3

Samsung made microLED hip this January, when it announced The Wall at CES, and now Apple is consolidating the technology for smartwatch users. Apparently, the company is secretly developing microLED screens for its smartwatches in a Californian facility #objectmagic

According to Bloomberg, Apple is done relying on suppliers when it comes to screens. The OEM took a deep breath and started manufacturing its own screens for the next wearables, making sure it would be next-gen hardware. The Cupertino titan is investing time and resources in the design and production of prototype microLED screens.

Right now, their smartwatches are using OLED displays, so that would be a great upgrades. MicroLEDs are similar to OLEDs in that they don’t use backlighting, opting for individual pixel lighting. This offers better contrast and power efficiency with the added benefit of longer life and better brightness, attributes only microLEDs give.

It’s going to be a while until we see the first Apple Watch with microLED but when we do, it’s going to impact us. Smartwatches are all about display and you’re likely to see the difference between those wearing microLED and the rest.

As for The Wall, if you’re interested to take it home, good news: the TV will go on sale at the end of summer.

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