Apple Released Their Open Source AI Framework

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Facebook, Google and researchers from distinguished universities have been releasing their open source algorithms for the past year now, giving developers a chance to improve on their work. Tech giant Apple, though, was being tight-lipped so imagine our surprise when Turi Create 4.0, the child of a company with the same name bought by Apple last year, ended up on GitHub #softwaremagic

Apple has finally released an open source AI framework. Developers are now welcomed to check GitHub to see Turi Create 4.0, a by-product of their acquisition of Turi valued at US$200 million.

The framework represents custom machine learning models exported to Core ML to be used for “iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps”. Those include classifiers, regression, graph analytics, clustering, topic models and more. In case you’re wondering, yes, they can work with ” large datasets on a single machine”.

Thankfully, Turi Create works on various operating systems, not just Mac OS 10.12 or higher. You can also run it on Linux ow Windows 10. See system requirements and OS versions that support the program here. 

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