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Apple Is Working On A Glucose Tracker That Pairs With Their Watch

tim cook apple glucose tracker

Since Steve Jobs was CEO at Apple, there was talk about developing a noninvasive gadget that could monitor blood sugar. After years in the works, the glucose tracker appears to have reached the prototype phase #objectmagic

Tim Cook has been testing for a while now a glucose tracker that pairs with his Apple Watch. For weeks, he has been tracking his sugar levels continuously to see the fluctuations in his body after eating certain foods.

It seems that Cook was so impressed with his findings, that he’s pushing his team to work in that direction harder than ever. Sources told CNBC that there is a special team dedicated to researching non-invasive and continuous glucose monitoring. Moreover, they’re already conducting feasibility trials in the Bay Area.

Cook’s tracker could be Apple’s most promising prototype so far. If the company manages to get it into production, then people diagnosed with diabetes or that are suspects of this disease could use it to control their sugar intake without puncturing the skin several times a day.

“It’s mentally anguishing to stick yourself many times a day to check your blood sugar,” Tim Cook said in a speech at the University of Glasgow. “There is lots of hope out there that if someone has constant knowledge of what they’re eating, they can instantly know what causes the response… and that they can adjust well before they become diabetic.”

Despite his speech, Cook has remained tight-lipped about the mysterious device he tested. There’s no way of telling what tech was used to make it or how well it worked.

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