Calligraphy Robot Saves You The Trouble of Writing Christmas Cards

AxiDraw Robot for hand writing

Maybe you think calligraphy is not a dead art. Or you just want to make beautiful hand-written cards for your friends this Christmas. Either way, a fella like AxiDraw could come in handy. This robot uses any drawing and writing tool you give it to embellish paper #softwaremagic

AxiDraw V3 is a pen plotter, capable of writing and drawing on any flat surface. It features a support that holds the pen/marker/chalk/brush you plan to use. This is extendable, giving the robot the freedom to write or draw on much larger surfaces than itself. AxiDraw works with a free-to-download software called InkScape. That said, you can create your own program, thanks to open source device. The use of a physical writing tool will make it appear authentic.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories & Lindsay Wilson made AxiDraw compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. Although its basic use is calligraphy, you can always draw figures and patterns on paper to make a flyer or a card from scratch – cover, too.

AxiDraw V3 costs $475 and is available to order here. 

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