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Baidu’s Take On Star Trek’s Translator Works Almost Instantly

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We’ve been hearing about Baidu’s Star Trek-like translator since December but it’s now that we’ve really seen what it’s capable of. At the MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference, the company’s chief scientist showed its power of translation. #objectmagic

Baidu is no stranger when it comes to machine learning and neural networks. China’s biggest search engine was announcing an AI program capable of replicating a user’s voice after hearing seconds of it . Now, the same technology used for voice recognition is being used for a device capable of translating from Chinese and Japanese to English and vice versa.

Its obvious functionality is to help tourists navigate around foreign cities perfectly, even when they don’t know the language. Unlike a translation app, Baidu’s invention doesn’t drain a phone’s battery and can be easily carried around in a backpack or handbag. That is, if Baidu decides to release it to the public. For now, the gadget is leased only to travel agencies and airports throughout China. That said, since the translator uses Baidu’s translation software, it also doubles as a wi-fi hotspot.

Imagine if you could get a hand on it – the world would be your oyster, no language barriers to speak of! Plus, the company could raise the stakes if it combines the voice replicating program with this one, right?

Meanwhile, Google Pixel Buds are an option for frequent travelers – did you have the opportunity to try them out?

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