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This Contest Revealed Beauty Kings And Queens As A.I. Sees Them

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is why all beauty contests are prone to biased results. A team of scientists wanted to change that by leaving the final decision in the hands of artificial intelligence – robots. This year they launched Beauty.AI, the First International Beauty Contest Judged by an Artificial Intelligence to discover the beauty kings and queens of the world #machinemagic

The rules were clearly stated: human participants would have to take a selfie without makeup, glasses or beards, upload it through the Beauty.AI special app and let the robot jury do its thing. Data scientists could contribute with their own algorithms to help the jury select the winners with regard to wrinkles, face symmetry, skin colors, gender, age group and ethnicity.

Photos were compared with their database and the best candidates were announced. As of this August, the best looking ladies and gents can be seen here.  They are sorted by age and you can see the differences between the actual age and the one predicted by the machine.

The Youth laboratories team hopes that Beauty.AI will contribute to machines’ future ability of checking health by analyzing a photo and even further, slow down ageing and keeping people healthy and beautiful.

What do you think of this mathematical way of judging beauty? 

This Contest Revealed Beauty Kings And Queens As A.I. Sees Them
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