Bixby Voice Control Feature Arrives in South Korea

bixby button voice control

Finally, Samsung Galaxy S8 owners will be able to use Bixby’s voice control! The company released the update that everyone was waiting for … but just for people in South Korea #mobilemagic

In April, Samsung’s latest flagship phones arrived in South Korea with plenty of new features, but not all of them. Bixby, for example, was able to operate Vision, Home and Reminder when prompted to, but it couldn’t use voice control. This was particularly frustrating, since users were accustomed to Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant listening to their requests. Fortunately, Samsung managed to fix the problem and offer the feature via software update.

Now, Samsung S8 owners who live in South Korea can ask Bixby to open apps, set reminders and more. The rest of the world… will have to wait a bit more. The company has promised to bring voice control to U.S. customers “later this spring”. Unfortunately, there’s no information about the rest of the countries where Samsung Galaxy S8 was commercialized.

Until then, the company has to work on at least one more issue surrounding Galaxy S8. At the beginning of April, one vlogger showed how easy was Samsung’s facial recognition system to hack, with the help of a high-resolution picture. At the moment, locking the phone or securing app data using their facial recognition is not at all recommended.

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