BMW Brings Wireless Charging for Hybrids “Under 3.5 Hours”

Smartphone users have long enjoyed wireless charging. Thanks to BMW, electric car owners can soon enjoy this perk as well. In July, BMW will start manufacturing wireless charging pads designed to work with the carmaker’s plug-in hybrid vehicles. #automagic

“An alternating magnetic field is generated between the two coils, through which electricity is transmitted without cables or contacts at a charge rate of up to 3.2kW. This form of power supply to the high-voltage battery is extremely convenient for customers and involves a charging time of around 3.5 hours,” explained BMW.

Drivers who are lucky enough to be driving a compatible car will simply have to park over a wireless induction mat, following the indications on the car’s display guide. Then, after turning off the ignition, the car will simply start charging.

According to Autoblog, BMW is breaking some speed records with this project – the wireless induction mats will be available to European customers this summer. Even more, a pilot program will roll out to U.S. drivers who own a 5-series 530e iPerformance. If all goes well, BMW could expand this feature.

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