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Brexit Causes MacBook Pro Prices To Go Up In UK

The new MacBook Pros are a joy to look at, if you ignore the selling prices. Apple has increased them with hundreds of dollars in US but British people have it worse. Brexit caused a chain reaction that finished with increased prices for all Apple products. #hardwaremagic

In Britain, the 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop without Touch Bar costs £1,449 as opposed to the starting price of the previous one – “just” £999. Meanwhile, the 13-inch model with Touch Bar is £1,749 while in US costs $1799. The pound has plummeted after Brexit, which explains the unbelievable increase in UK. It’s not all Apple’s fault, as a simple equation of adding UK’s 20 percent VAT to the dollar-pound conversion explains the established cost.

If you’re wondering how much does the base model for 15-inch MacBook Pro is, take a seat and listen carefully: £2,349! Yes, with a Touch bar and 2.6GHz Core i7 processor.

We’re not done – now, the Mac mini costs £479 and the iMac 5K price starts at £1,749. Ouch, that stings!

Brexit Causes MacBook Pro Prices To Go Up In UK
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