Buick Enspire All-Electric SUV Invites You to Dream Big

Dream big or go home. That seems to be Buick’s strategy when it comes to its lineup of cars. The Enspire all-electric SUV presented at Auto China 2018 sure fits that bill; only a concept car could sport such mind-blowing specs. #automagic

Buick made sure Auto China attendees watched carefully as their latest all-electric concept arrived on stage. Besides a gorgeous design, the car imagined could come with incredible features.

When the Enspire SUV concept hits the road, the vehicle will have a 370 miles range on a single range, thanks to a killer battery and a 410 kW motor. The car would accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, as well.

That’s not all. Buick Enspire would be able to offer an intelligent AR HUD system and OLED display screen. Of course, it would support 5G and be the epitome of comfort with its suspended theater-type seating.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? We’re willing to bet Buick is going to have trouble turning this dream into reality, although there’s a rumor about a CUV GM coming in two-three years that has a similar design to the Enspire.

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