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Casio Digital – Analog Smart Watch Runs On Solar Power

Casio’s latest smartwatch offering is something Tesla’s CEO would certainly wear. The Pro Trek PRG600Y-1 piece is not just an outdoor must-have but an eco-friendly device that can last for months at a time on a single solar charge #objectmagic

The latest Pro Trek in the series is keeping up with the needs of a man who’s always on the move. Except this guy doesn’t drive from one point to another; he hikes, runs and explores from his bike. That’s where Casio’s Triple Sensor Engine comes in handy. It can turn a rugged watch in a compass, altimeter, thermometer and barometer in an instant. In fact, it’s been updated to be 95 percent slimmer and 90 percent more power-efficient.

Casio’s watch is meant to be a travelling wrist companion that can show the time in 29 cities worldwide. Its analog and digital design make a harmonious combo, enabling it to serve as a calendar, countdown timer and alarm clock. Plus, it can be taken to places with low temperatures (up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit = -10 degrees Celsius) and water depths of 100 meters.

The cherry on top of it all is the solar charging feature. It turns out the dial serves as a solar panel, powering the device for seven months on a charge. In power savings mode, it can run for 25 months! This beauty is available now for $320.

Casio Digital – Analog Smart Watch Runs On Solar Power
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