Caviar Unveils iPhone X Tesla

Photo: Caviar Official

Caviar, high end Russian accessory maker, has revealed its custom smartphone case, named iPhone X ‘Tesla’.

The phone case features not only an integrated, shock-resistant solar panel but also a secondary battery and a few design ornamentations.

It is built with gold detailing and it takes the phone up to 260g in weight, adding also to its thickness, going from 7.7 mm to 16.2 mm.

The rest of the phone features carbon fiber material.

Now, there are no details concerning the solar panel capabilities, and word is it might just be for show. Thing is, the panel feeds into the secondary battery, so the possibility of it building up a backup charge is there. Even if it might take some time.

Appleinsider has reported that Caviar only intended to produce 99 units of the Tesla, but the pre-order demand was so large that they decided on 999 instead. The company intends to gift the very first device to Elon Musk.

The iPhone X Tesla (phone + case) is on sale for $4,587 for the 64GB model and $4,829 for the 256Gb one.

If you have money to spend, why not give it a go?

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