CES 2018: Google Closes CES Booth After Waterproof Fail

google ces 2018

It’s pouring in Las Vegas so, naturally, this is not the time to make outdoor demonstrations or to open outside booths. But Google’s huge exhibit area outside the Convention Center was meant exactly for that. Even a tech titan can’t control the weather so the team was forced to shut down the booth and… wait.

Google’s team at CES 2018 was probably prepared for all kinds of emergencies, except… rain. The two-level outdoor booth they got up and running is everything but waterproof, so Google watched the first day of CES come and go from the sidelines. Of course, their partners are promoting Google Assistant on their devices indoors, but it’s not enough.

It’s the first time the company is presenting at CES with bells and whistles, so they spared no expense. The booth is placed on the parking lots outside the main building, features a slide and a huge video wall. Visitors should have been in and out of the exhibit space all day long; instead, the construction’s roof is covered with tarps.

Officially, these measures were taken due to “concerns for safety around the parking lot” but truth is, nobody had a problem navigating it during the first day of the event. We’ll see if Google has found a solution to their problem today. It would be a pity otherwise, since they do have various Home products to showcase, as well as their first pair of smart earbuds.

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