City VR Lets You Experience San Francisco From A Giant’s POV

Seeing whole cities from above can be done in several ways; either you find a good vantage point for a slick panorama or you send your drone high enough to capture most of it. In both cases, though, you only see a a sillhouette with much of the town reduced to dots. To see every building in detail you could try a new virtual reality experience called appropriately City VR #realitymagic

City VR for Vive propells you above your desired city, augmenting your dimension. Effectively, you can be a King Kong or a Godzilla in San Francisco, the first city this gadget allows you to explore. It’s almost like walking over a city of Lego and under it, as we’re talking about virtual reality. Of course, you can walk along the abrupt streets as your regular self, but … where’s the fun in that?!

Amber Garage, the developers, are planning to expand their line of cities to include Chicago and New York. They are currently using Google Maps to construct the cities so there’s no limit to the content they could include, maybe crossing the border one day.

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