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Codeplay Is Ushering A New Automotive Era: “Open Standards Is The Way To Go”

At the end of the day, it’s all about freedom. After talking with Charles Macfarlane, VP of Marketing at Codeplay, that statement has never rung truer. Especially when it comes to the tech world, where the automotive industry is stubbornly holding to its traditional ways, barely dipping their toes in the new, advanced programming methods for computer vision and machine learning. Alas, the future doesn’t wait for anyone, so we picked Charles’ brain on what to expect next #automagic

If you don’t know, Codeplay’s reason to exist is to bring middleware software into a lot of different processors, lately AI chips. “As we go into artificial intelligence, we’re talking about a different breed of processors coming out, neural network processors, that we enable with this layer called OpenCL. On top of that, you’ve got SYCL which is very much off-the-shelf C++”, explained Charles.

One example is Google’s TensorFlow deep learning framework that Codeplay has brought to an OpenCL-enabled processor system in a full, reliable and efficient way.

Open is the keyword here, as we realized the more we talked with Macfarlane. “We connect AI to Silicon, so you can easily connect machine learning applications to almost anybody else’s processors. The developer can easily take it and deploy it onto different platforms without special optimization”, he reinforced.

Indeed, the freedom to read, adopt, implement and extend a standard is the norm in gaming and mobile. The automotive industry, unfortunately, has been slower in giving up their proprietary, traditional implementations.

That’s about to change if Macfarlane and Codeplay have something to say. Codeplay prides itself in being the first and only company to bring open standards to automotive as well, and in doing so, accelerate ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) technology, “which will continue [to be vital] all the way through autonomous vehicle”.

In fact, they’re expecting a huge demand for this in the months and years to come, since open standards make it faster and easier to get applications out there, without a lot of training resources: “Traditionally, [the process in the automotive industry] has been very optimized and had very proprietary implementation. The way things are going, […] open standards is the way to do it”

Keep an ear open for Codeplay’s advancements – something tells us they’ll change the car industry for good.

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