Crow Tries to Use Credit Card at Ticketing Machine

This amazing crow just proved that nature does it best, even when it comes to stealing money or purchasing things on a touchscreen. Who needs to fear AI used for credit card fraud when things like these happen?!

In this video taken in Tokyo’s Kinshichō Station, later posted on Twitter, you’ll see how a crow steals a woman’s credit card. The flying thief uses it to then try to purchase a train ticket from an automated machine, proving that it has some morals.

As unbelievable as this sounds, it’s all caught on video! While you may think that the crow was attracted by the shiny sticker on the card, it’s been known for a while that birds like crows and ravens are extremely smart.

In fact, they’re so smart that they can understand complicated concepts like cause and effect and use vending machines.

No, it didn’t just happen once!

In the US, inventor Josh Klein created a crow vending machine where the birds can insert a coin and get peanuts, and his project was a success as well.

If this continues, we won’t have to worry about humans stealing our money or automated hacking systems, we’ll have to fear a future like the one imagined by Hitchcock.

Unless… China uses that chicken facial recognition system to protect people from crows too!

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