Curved iPhone With Touchless Gesture Control Is In The Works

curved iphone concept

Time and time again, Apple has been accused for copying what other mobile giants do, wrapping it up in a nice package and selling it to iOS users. So, maybe it’s not surprising that now the Cupertino company is experimenting with new forms and functions, hoping to get out of this vicious cycle. What are they envisioning for the next generation of phones? Curvy shapes and touchless gesture controls. #mobilemagic

Apple is currently investigating whether a curved iPhone is the best way to differentiate themselves from the competition, says Bloomberg.

The company’s engineers are playing with “displays that curve inward gradually from top to bottom.” Now, you’ll say that LG did that already, a couple of years ago, with the Flex series. That’s true, which makes the rumor a bit far-fetched, but if the new form makes sense with the added functionalities and iOS upgrades Apple plans to bring, the new iPhones should have a higher success rate.

Besides drastically redesigning the iPhone, Apple’s team is considering adding “touchless gesture control”. This would work by “moving [his or her] finger close to the screen without actually tapping it.” While Samsung did something similar with Galaxy S4, Apple would take it to the next level by deploying it in the display, instead of relying on a motion sensor.

The first iPhone to incorporate both technologies would see the light of day in two years, if we’re lucky. Bloomberg has warned fans that the company might decide to give up on reinventing the iPhone altogether and just tweak it.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to daydream about it, right? Designer Martin Hajek has already worked on some concepts. Was he influenced by the Banana Phone? Without a doubt.

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