Delicious Costco Pizza? A Robot Made It

If you ever had pizza from Costco, then you were probably surprised by the exquisite taste.

No, it’s not the understandable result of an Italian chef’s skills. The secret behind the magical Costco pizza involves even ingredient distribution and, of course, a robot.

First, there’s the golden standard of the ingredients.

“We never shortcut the ingredients. Everything is measured to a standard. Every Costco pizza you get should have the same amount of sauce, cheese, and toppings,” explains a Costco employee.

After the dough has risen and is ready for the toppings, it’s time for the Costco pizza robot to shine. This nifty contraption will spread the perfect amount of sauce, ensuring that each pizza strikes the right balance between tomato flavor and cheesy goodness.

Sounds divine? Watch the robot above and prepare to be mesmerized!

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