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Disney’s Holiday Attraction: 300 Drones Show

Disney Holiday Attraction Intel drones

Intel’s buzzing “stars” are about to make Christmas at Disney even more magical. Their Shooting Star quadcopters are going to put on a show this winter at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida #actionmagic

After five months of talks and preparations, Intel is feeling pretty sure they can pull off a dazzling show of light and sound for this end of year. “Our drones, together with Disney’s expertise in animation as well as storytelling, and the music score, together make what we think is going to be a groundbreaking for of entertainment,”, said Josh Walden, general manager of Intel’s New Technology Group.

The drones have already broken a record in Germany but this time, the choreography will involve 300 drones of different color combinations. These lightweight, small quadcopters are just light bringers, nothing more. Their movements have to be programmed beforehand, since they don’t communicate with each other. Each one receives a color after the computer has taken into account battery level and GPS signal.

As for the duration of such an enchanting show? 20 minutes tops. And this is just the beginning – Intel is cleared for organizing quadcopter entertainment programs by the FAA.


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