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DJI Is Building 1,000 Custom Drones

dji matrice 100

DJI seems unable to do wrong. From launching powerful drones and super small, selfie UAVs to dabbling in camera gimbals, the Chinese manufacturer has been having success after success. Now, they’re breaking a new record, by delivering the largest commercial drone order in history #actionmagic

Komatsu, a renowned Japanese construction equipment manufacturer, has put in an order of 1,000 custom Matrice 100 drones. That’s huge and proof that DJI is not just the leader in the consumer drone market but it could take the lead when it comes to commercial drones for enterprises, as well.

Think about it – a basic Matrice 100 model costs a bit over $3,000. Add a GPS module and you near a $4,200 cost/unit. If you want the Skycatch “High Precision Package”, like Komatsu does, you have to prepare yourself for an extra $1,800 per month.

Needless to say, DJI’s Komatsu order is a huge achievement! All the Chinese OEM has to do now is to capitalize on that and expand its enterprise sales. After all, the product is there – a “white label” drone that can be customized to a client’s exact specs. So far, we’ve seen DJI’s drones flying for industrial purposes but they could also be used for search and rescue missions or surveying tasks.

As for its consumer range, the variety and constant stream of new drones have ensured 80% of its $2.7 billion in sales last year. The last drone to come out of DJI’s lab is Mavic Air, a 4K camera drone that is lighter than the Mavic Pro and has a smaller footprint than the Spark.


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