Don’t Worry, You Won’t Get Lost In The New Gmail Interface


Google is in full spring cleaning mode. The company is getting rid of the old to bring a new, fresh look to its Gmail app. The facelift has been in the rumor mill for a couple of days now and there are finally images that show what the company has been up to. Don’t worry – you’ll adjust to the changes quickly.

The new Gmail will bring smart replies forward as well as offer you the chance to hit snooze on your e-mails (apparently, Google knows how fond we’re of the snooze button already!) If you’re a very visual person, though, the first thing you’ll notice will be the redesign of the buttons, as well as the plugin sidebar.

You’ll get a quick look at Calendar and other plugins you use daily, as well as make To-Do lists in the same area, through Tasks. Google is definitely in a super productive mode, trying to get all procrastinators to change. Good luck with that…

Coming back to the new features, we have to mention layouts. You’ll have three to choose from: Default, Comfortable and Compact. The Default one will show the attachments, whether they’re images or documents, right in the Inbox. The second one will stick to the famous paperclip signs while the third one is a copy of the one before, but cuts down on the whitespace.

When will the changes take place? Beta users will test the update in the upcoming months and Google will talk about it in May, at their I/O event for sure.

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