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DroneGun Takes Down Quadcopters Found Two Kilometers Away

Nosy drone operators will soon see all their efforts come to nothing. Australian firm DroneShield has developed an impressive DroneGun to take down quadcopters and reveal their owners’ locations #actionmagic

DroneGun is a huge weapon that jams a drone instead of crushing it in the air. The pilot won’t have any means to communicate with his drone so the UAV is bound to hit the ground and cease all surveillance activity. If the DroneGun user chooses so, he can also enable the drone’s “return to home” function. This action reveals the location of the drone pilot so local authorities can act upon it.

The rifle-shaped device has to be used with the company’s sensor gear. When done so, quadcopters found up to 2 kilometers away can be rendered useless. DroneGun is targeted at “government and military agencies” but also “civil infrastructure to VIP protection”. As you can imagine, this device isn’t a toy to put your neighbour’s drone to rest.

This isn’t the first weapon used to defend locations and people from drones. The Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security are already using DroneDefenders to shield themselves from UAV intruders.  

DroneGun Takes Down Quadcopters Found Two Kilometers Away
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