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Dancing Drones Break Guinness World Record In China

Chinese UAV firm Ehang Egret launched 1,374 drones over the city of Xian in a colorful display of 3D formations which included a Buddha, a high-speed train, the Dayan Tower, the Silk Road and even a camel.

Most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously 6

The drones took off simultaneously from the Xian City Wall some 853 ft high across the night sky and their display lasted for 13 minutes. 

74 red silks were also hoisted into the air to symbolise the common prosperity of 74 countries along the Belt and Road

If you’re wondering, Ehang Egret chose to fly 1,374 drones because the largest and most intact ancient city wall is 13.74 km long.

It was a roaring success, breaking the Guinness World Record for Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously. Previously, Intel flew 1,218 drones in formation during the Winter Olympics in South Korea. 

Ehang first made the headlines in 2016, with the unveiling of a passenger drone concept. Earlier in 2018, the company said the testing was over and that the vehicle would be capable of carrying one person at speeds of up to 80.7 mph.

Until the passenger drone is out in the wild, Ehang can be pleased with the fact that their drone demonstration has taken the record away from Intel, which has been the title holder since 2015.

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