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Easy peasy! This App Helps You Design In 3D With Your Fingers

Who said first “leave it to the experts” wasn’t betting on so many DIY guides and helpful apps today, that enable you to learn every skill imaginable. Like Gravity Sketch,  an iOS free app that makes designing in 3D easier than Paint.

Instead of introducing parameters and working with smart pencils or other tools, this one is touch and gesture-based. That means you just have to use your fingers to draw the objects imagined. Tracing a diagonal line with your fingers will render it in 3D. Do you want to start with spheres or cubes? Draw circles or squares, respectively.

Simple built-in tools help you create symmetrical objects and apply finishes before exporting your design as an OBJ file to a dedicated software. After, it’s up to you whether you print it or not.

The idea is to help everyone, of any age, to project their ideas in 3D in a simple, quick way, through #softwaremagic.

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