Acting Against The Law? Edward Snowden Has Made Anti Spy Phone Case


Is someone more in the loop than Edward Snowden when it comes to anti spy devices?! We don’t think so. The notorious ex-CIA employee who leaked massive amounts of sensitive information in 2013 knows what it’s like to feel watched so he has devised a spy-proof smartphone case #mobilemagic

“Since 2013, I haven’t been able to have a smartphone like normal people,” Snowden told Wired. “Wireless devices are kind of like kryptonite to me.” It’s no wonder the man has worked on a method of assuring people their private lives are private. #securemagic

The device is open-source and was originally meant to protect journalists, especially if they are covering violent events or are investigating in conflict zones. It alerts people when their phone’s antennae are transmitting data without their knowledge. He says it’s more secure than simply putting your phone on airplane mode because of a kill switch that cuts power quickly if the user feels like someone is eavesdropping. Snowden designed the fairly simple case with hacker Andrew Huang, detailing their process in a work called Against the Law: Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillance

Although they can’t show us a prototype for now, you can make an idea of how the gadget works. It doesn’t cover the smartphone completely, just the rear camera lens so it can’t record anything you’re doing. It features a display screen where you’re notified when or if your phone’s traced. Since the case connects to your hardware via the SIM slot, it’s able to monitor electrical signals emitted, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other radio connections.

We should have a look at the case in early 2017.

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