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FAIL: This Guy Destroyed An Expensive Cinema Camera While Trying To Show A Stabilizer Rig

What’s worse than failing to show that your stabilizing rig is the best on the market? Destroying the camera you’re supposed to keep steady. #videomagic

Yet, this is exactly what one miserable operator did at the recent Cine Gear Expo in LA. After keeping his hand firmly on the camera for a couple of seconds, the guy wants to show off and starts to do a little dance around the Arri Alexa cam, like nobody’s business.

Unfortunately for him, the rig knuckles under and…up to $100.000 end up on the concrete (the cost of a fully configured model, with accessories). Understandably, the video ends instantly, leaving the Internet to laugh it off on Youtube (530k views so far) and probably starts a meme in the upcoming days…

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