Tiny Fidget Spinner Is Actually A Mobile Phone

chilli fidget spinner mobile

If you don’t have the motivation to carry your fidget spinner wherever you go, a Chinese company is happy to offer an incentive. They’ve come up with a brilliant hybrid between the stress reliever and a mobile phone #mobilemagic

Chilli International, a company based in Hong Kong, came up with a surprising gadget: a fidget spinner that doubles as a mobile phone. As you can imagine, the gadget has to keep the small dimensions to serve its original purpose so really, we’re talking about a tiny phone here. Nevertheless, it’s a phone that has a 1.4-inch screen and 32MP of internal storage.

Plus, if you really want to be shocked today, we’ll let you know that you can expand the storage as you’d do with a regular smartphone. Simply by using an SD card, you can expand the memory to 8GB! Yeah, we know, it’s nothing compared to the storage you’re accustomed to upgrade too usually, but given the form of the mobile phone, I’d say be grateful for it, even so.

The Chilli fidget spinner phone can’t access apps, but it can connect to the Internet and has access to Bluetooth. Here’s a hands-on if you want to see it in action.  That said, our advice is to look at it as a unique toy you can give to a teenager as well as a restless co-worker. This particular model sells in six colors and costs just $20. But here’s the bad part – it’s available to purchase in India only.

Still, you can find similar versions on Amazon. 

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