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FilmConvert Cinematch Makes Phone Footage Look Similar To That From A Professional Camera

filmconvert premiere cinematch

You know FilmConvert if you’ve tried, at least once, to turn your digital video in a piece of film footage. Their software is incredibly capable at color grading your videos but it can’t help in the color correction phase. Until now, that is. At the NAB show in Vegas, FilmConvert announced the addition of such a feature called Cinematch #videomagic

FilmConvert is a popular tool for color grading, enabling your footage to mimic a certain film style. But to get there, you had to do your own color correction – bringing footage from various, different cameras to the same common ground. Well, now, FilmConvert has added this option too, becoming a one-stop-shop for video editors. Cinematch enables the user to match footage, make it look the same even if it comes from different sources.

How well can they achieve this result? The first sample, previewed by No Film School, looks pretty good. Before you open it, think about the cameras they’ve managed to unify: a GH5, a Fuji X-T2, a Sony A7s, and an iPhone! That’s not a small feat, I’m telling you. Especially since it took very little time – around six seconds:


It’s not perfect, but what is in this world?! As we understand, FilmConvert will debut Cinematch on Premiere first, as a plugin, and you’ll probably have the liberty to do more edits and tweak the videos (if needed) before applying the film stock emulator. Still, this will save you a lot of time, especially if you’re frequently confronted with this problem.

Cinematch should be available in fall, probably in November. Look out for it and don’t lose hope if it doesn’t run on all the editing programs from the start. The team will probably release the update in stages.

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