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Fitbit Ace Is Your Kids’ Fitness Band

Fitbit finally announced something a lot of people were hoping for: Fitbit Ace, the company’s first fitness band for kids.

While all eyes were on the gorgeous, female-friendly Fitbit Versa (previously known as Blaze 2), this smartwatch for kids deserves quite a lot of attention.

With a similar design as the Fitbit Alta HR, the Fitbit Ace is a cute but durable and waterproof smart band designed to keep up with children older than 8.

It’s priced at $100 and removes a few features that Fitbit considers extraneous for kids: there’s a step counter and it does sleep tracking, but no calorie counter or Instagram-like activity feed can be found. There are also limited personalization options, with only 2 colors (power purple and electric blue), and 10 clock faces available.

To encourage activity, kids will be able to get reward badges when they hit their goals.

The best part of the Fitbit Ace is that it will let adults access parental controls. They will be able to create family accounts that can show the little ones’ activity, hours slept and incoming friend requests.

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