Watch: Burger-Flipping Robots Arrive In LA Restaurants

Soon enough there won’t be any more burger-flipping jokes because all of the burger-flipping jobs might go to Flippy! We’re talking about the robotic kitchen assistant from Miso Robotics that just debuted at CaliBurger this week.

We wrote about how CaliBurger lets you pay with a selfie if you forget your credit card and how they want to take it even further, using robots in the kitchen. Well, it’s happening!

Trying to assuage fears of automation removing jobs, David Zito, Miso Robotics co-founder, said that Flippy aims to “improve working conditions of chefs and line cooks with assistants, not replace them”.

Indeed, Flippy is not the very best robot employee to replace a human one, but he is really excellent at flipping burgers.

He can turn up to 300 burgers an hour, cooking each of them perfectly. It then lays them on the bun and allows a human worker to do custom toppings.

How does Flippy know how to do this? He monitors the burgers by using regular cameras alongside 3D and thermal ones, while workers can view the feed. Don’t fret about the risk of contamination, because this robotic arm will switch spatulas when handling raw or cooked meat, will clean the other spatulas and even wipe the surface of the grill.

Flippy was a big success for CaliBurger, who plans on installing the robotic arm in 50 more locations. Each one of them costs $60,000. If Miso Robotics’ plans to expand succeed, Flippy will be eliminating a lot of tedious restaurant jobs and offer a helping hand to overworked employees. 

Anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant knows how hard the work is and the value of extra hands and that’s exactly what we built,” added the Miso Robotics representative. 

Just like anyone who ever delivered pizza knows the same, right? That’s why Dominos is also experimenting with autonomous robots, in case you missed that update.

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