Ford Imagines an Autonomous Electric Motorcycle… Built in a Car

It was bound to happen. Carmaker Ford filed a patent for a 2-in-1 vehicle. Their invention is a car with a built-in autonomous electric motorbike. #automagic

As weird as that sounds, it’s completely true, as the application from the United States Patent Office shows. Of course, the actual name of the vehicle is fancier – “multimodal  passenger transportation apparatus” – but the fact is it’s still a bike wrapped in a car. With increasingly “limited available and affordable parking spaces in urban areas”, Ford believes this contraption could come in handy one day.

As you scroll down, the company gives details to help you envision the end result: “a passenger car with a driver’s seat, a passenger seat, and a centre console.”

The car’s centre console is in fact the motorbike’ seat and the two-wheeler can be released from its cage anytime. Although, Ford engineers encourage future drivers to only do it when they arrive at the dedicated parking spot.

It won’t give you a thrill like a Bat Pod would, but it’s nice to see Ford is taking the lead one wacky idea at a time.

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