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From Now On, You Can Play CounterStrike On Android


Once a CounterStrike fan, always a CounterStrike fan.

Until now, if the gaming mood striked you on the road, far from your PC, you just had to distract yourself with something other than Counter, simply because there was no way you could be as fast and efficient enough on any portable device. Now, one coder dared to make the game a reality on Android ##mobilemagic

Based on Counter-Strike 1.6, the game is full of tiny touchscreen controls that can become quite annoying after a while buuut… they are fully customisable, as the creator explained here.  He showed us a piece of gameplay from an Android tablet and, if you’re truly a fan, you won’t say no to the invitation of downloading the APK here: 


Tip: connect a Bluetooth keyboard or gamepad for better control – you’ll need it 😉

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