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Fujifilm Announces First Analog Square Format Instax Camera

fujifilm instax sq6 2

Fujifilm just announced the cutest analog camera of the year, the Instax Square SQ6. We didn’t think it could be cuter than the SQ10 but here we are!

And no, it’s not just the case that’s square, this tiny instant film camera also takes square 2.4-inch by 2.4-inch photos.

Unlike the hybrid SQ10, the SQ6 is entirely analog, making it the first Instax camera of its kind from Fujifilm. While it’s decidedly a retro gift, the Instax Square SQ6 does have a tiny mirror near the lens to go with its selfie mode, in which the focus and brightness are adjusted for better close-ups.

Group photos can be taken as well, as the camera is fitted with a self-timer mode.

For even cooler shots worthy of Instagram, the camera has three color filters (orange, purple and green) that can be fitted over the flash.

Click the shutter button twice and you’ll go in double exposure mode, which overlays two images on a single film.

There’s also a macro mode and a landscape one, so this tiny square format camera comes with quite a few tricks!

The Instax Square SQ6 goes on sale in the US and Canada on May 25th.

It costs $130 / CAD $160, while the 86 x 72mm Fujifilm Instax film it needs goes for around $13 per 10 prints.

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