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Fully Automatic Toothbrush Cleans Teeth In 10 Seconds

amabrush automated toothbrush

Automation isn’t just the key to self-driving vehicles. It’s a process intertwined with our daily lives that can change the way we approach every single task, including the mundane ones, like brushing our teeth. Electronic toothbrushes made things easier but who can’t say no to a fully automatic toothbrush? Not the guys on Kickstarter who have been funding the project like crazy #objectmagic

Amabrush started a 50,000 euro campaign for their completely automatic toothbrush. Today, with 18 days left to go, the campaign has been exceedingly funded raising no less than 1,501,403 euros! So, what made almost 13K people to back the project? Well, the Amabrush promises to complete the morning task in just 10 seconds, without skipping a single corner!

The product is shaped like a mouth guard and holds soft, antibacterial silicone bristles that attach magnetically to the handle. Toothpaste goes through the mouthpiece onto your teeth. The company says it saves a lot of energy and you don’t have to worry about water getting in contact with the piece. Every single tooth is taken care of individually, in the same time.

Unlike an electric toothbrush, you don’t even have to hold this gadget or move it along your teeth. The mouthpiece is replaceable though, just like with any other electric toothbrush head. The handle’s battery will last at least a month, after which it can be wirelessly charged. There are three toothpaste capsules available: Extra Fresh (blue), Whitening (white) and Sensitive (rose – without fluoride).

Amabrush is selling for 79 euros on Kickstarter  . The unexpected success of their campaign has convinced the company to add Bluetooth in future units as well as the ability to select the kind of brushing mode you need (for gum massage, whitening, burst mode, etc).

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