Garden Is The Latest App To Replace Facebook

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If Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of Congress did not convince you to keep your account, take a look at this new platform called Garden.

It was launched today on iOS, it’s completely free, and wants to just connect you with your loved ones. Sounds familiar?

Garden does this in a fresh manner, though, by reminding you to contact your friends and family as often as you’d like. It’s essentially a reminder tool that plugs in your contact lists and alerts you that it’s time to reach your friends.

The founder said that “maintaining a real personal or business relationship that adds value and meaning to your life takes regular and substantive effort.” As for this social app’s name, which is not quite usual, that comes from the app’s mission as well.

“Just like you can’t expect the plants in a garden to stay healthy without regularly watering them, you shouldn’t expect your relationships to thrive without putting in the time,” said Zander Adell, Garden’s maker.

Indeed, while it might seem cold to effectively keep a spreadsheet of your conversations and a timetable for your relationships, all of these things do take a lot of effort. Seeing how so many end up using Facebook as a tool that reminds them of birthdays and big events, putting minimal effort into liking status updates, perhaps the Garden app could be enough an alternative for that functionality.

At the moment, the app is free and does not display ads. Other than access your contact lists to set reminders and notes, it does not obtain other data, nor does it send notifications to your friends.

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