Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Glossy Black Samsung S7 Edge, To Hit Stores This December

Black never goes out of style. It’s probably the reason why both Apple and now, Samsung, are releasing smartphones with various textures but  one common denominator: the color black. After Apple launched Jet Black (shiny) and (matte) Black, Samsung is preparing to release a Glossy Black S7 Edge #mobilemagic

According to Android Authority, Samsung is going to offer you another color option this holiday season for the S7 Edge. This December, the smartphone will appear with a Glossy Black finish, after the Blue Coral version debuted earlier this month. The rumor is almost confirmed, if you take into account the pictures posted on Weibo with the device: 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Glossy Black


The Weibo user who uploaded them seems to be a Samsung official who’s more interested in spreading the news than respecting “house” rules. We can’t complain though because the photos provide a clear view of the shiny, elegant device from all angles – you can see the black chassis, too!

It’s not a must-have for us… but what do you think – will it make your Christmas list?

Glossy Black Samsung S7 Edge, To Hit Stores This December
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