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Google Launched App Maker For Drag-and-Drop Development

Want to develop an app quickly but don’t have all the coding skills to get it done? Enter App Maker from Google, a cloud-based drag-and-drop tool to create all the apps you want with zero fuss #softwaremagic

App Maker is Google’s service for people who don’t want to bring a developer in or stress about servers. With it, you simply build the user interface with drag-and-drop and put in data from G Suite applications, Google Maps, Groups, Contacts and more services that offer API. It’s a practical way to develop a simple, basic app for tracking orders or doing inventory. Once you’re done, the app in question will run on the same infrastructure Google uses for its own G Suite apps. No IT guy needed to monitor the process.

If you get the hang of it and learn a couple of things on the side, you can also use the built-in scripting editor to personalize the experience further.

Apply for the Google App Maker at the Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business if you’re interested in the service.

Google Launched App Maker For Drag-and-Drop Development
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