Google Debuts YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

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Google just announced YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, two new services designed to replace YouTube Red while still enhancing its members’ experiences.

YouTube Music takes on music-streaming services like Spotify, bringing a “reimagined mobile app” and a new player for the desktop. Both use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you find new music. Available for free with ads or for $9.99, YouTube Music will focus on music discovery, recommending new songs based on your activity, history, and even location.

With YouTube Premium, you get all the YouTube Music perks as well as the massive video content library available in YouTube Originals. Just like with a Spotify subscription, Premium users will have the option to download shows and music for offline viewing. Additionally, users can play videos in the background with YouTube Premium. This subscription costs $11.99.

youtube music youtube premium

If you already have YouTube Red, you’ll be automatically grandfathered into YouTube Premium without paying the extra $2. Additionally, Google has stated its plans to transition Google Play Music users over to this new system. However, nothing has been said yet about the family plans or how much they will cost.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium will roll out on Tuesday, May 22nd. If you subscribe to YouTube Red by then, you’ll be able to take advantage of the $2 discount.

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