Google Grasshopper Teaches Javascript Free of Charge

google grasshopper

At one point in your life, you probably wanted to create your own website. Whether it was for a school assignment, a small business or just as a portfolio for your creations, you realized you needed one and had no coding knowledge. You must have turned to platforms, a bit disappointed, promising yourself to invest in a online course to learn Java.

But what if I told you there was a way to learn programming without spending a dime? Google just released Grasshopper with that goal in mind.

Technically, Grasshopper came out of the incubator for its employees, Area 120. The app is extremely user-friendly, turning the whole “chore” in a game. You get various puzzles that challenge you to better yourself until you can confidently program in JavaScript.

The idea sparked so much interest that, in three days since it went online, over 100,000 people installed it on their smartphones.

Want to give it a go? Google made it available for both Android and iOS users. Just head over to Play Store or App Store. Warning – on the latter platform, you’ll find one with the same name. Be careful which you download!

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