Google Lens Now Recognizes Dog Breeds

google lens dog

Cute and tech are two words that rarely go together but this time, I promise – Google just released a cute update with an even fluffier press release.  To celebrate National Pet Day, of course.

Google updated their Photos app adding several new features, with one standing out from the crowd. Lens, the analysis tool powered by machine learning, available on iOS and Android, can now recognize dog breeds. Just take a photo of the adorable dog you saw on your way to work and click the Lens icon to find out more about it. Besides its breed, you’ll discover personality and care regimen tidbits.

If you already have a dog or cat and an impressive image library dedicated to them, the Photos app will compile the pictures to make a beautiful album. Printable, if desired, of course. There’s also the option of editing them to make a short movie, says Google:

“If your pet is ready for a big screen debut, open your Google Photos app, go to the Assistant tab, and click on the movie button. Then, if available, choose the Meow Movie or Doggie Movie option, select your pet, and we’ll compile the best photos of your four-legged pal into a movie, set to pet-themed music.”

Want to find a specific image of a specific dog or cat? The app can sift through your image library and pull up the images you’re interested in once you tap the name of the “breed, species, or emoji—try  or .”

A dog is too messy or hard to take care of? Check out Sony’s alternative, Aibo Bot!

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