Google News for iOS Operates with a New AI

Photo: Google Play

Last week at its I/O developer conference, Google announced that Google News will be powered by a new, improved AI, which will be available on the Apple App Store within the week.

Well, we are here now, and the new Google News is live on iOS, replacing the old Google Play Newsstand application. The link can be found here.

For the Android version, you can direct your attention to the Play Store.

The improved version of Google News is similar to the Android one and it uses an algorithm training machine to go through the news coming in simultaneously and break them down chronologically as well as keeping stories in an ever evolving sequence.

The app has four sections, one of them being a personalized list of the stories Google thinks you might be interested in, then the latest news from various sections.

The third one is a favorites section, which allows you to select your preferred news sources, to save stories to read later as well as text based searches you might want to return to at a later date.

The Newsstand section is the newest addition to this version and it allows you to subscribe to news organizations that charge a monthly fee or operate via subscription.

All the organizations presented in Newsstand support Google AMP standard, which means the pages will look clean and will load fast, without the hassle of going through the mobile browser.

If you have tried the app already, what do you think of its improvements?

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