Google Pixel Gets Two Nexus Features: Double-Tap, Raise-To-Wake

Google Pixel updates

Two popular features present in the Nexus 6P were nowhere to be seen on the Google Pixel… until recently. Canadians got a Pixel update that brings with double-tap and raise-to-wake functionalities to the phone #softwaremagic

Both the normal and the XL model have the chance to make users life easier with two new features for notifications and alerts. Double-tap and raise-to-wake helps users see notifications at a glance without unlocking the screen. Once you get the hang of it, they’ll prove to be real time-savers.

It’s not clear when these functionalities will come to devices in US and other countries. If you’re lucky enough to live in Canada but don’t know how to enable them, just go to the Settings panel and select “Moves”. There you’ll see two options –  ‘Double-tap to check phone’ and ‘Lift to check phone’ – enable both of them and you’re good to go!

Google phones aren’t the only ones to support such features. Apple has brought raise-to-wake with the iOS 10 update to iPad and iPhones, while other Android manufacturers like HTC have added similar features in the past.

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