Harvard Scientists Made An Autonomous Soft Robot That Uses Gas To Move

What are the guys at Harvard doing these days? Playing with robots. Their latest achievement is an unbelievable, sweet, completely soft robot that can move on its own #machinemagic

The Octobot is the size of your palm and was created with liquid silicone for the core and a 3D printer for the legs. As such, it doesn’t have any hard spots, moving around thanks to gas. But where does the gas come from? Well, Octobot has a controller that pours liquid hydrogen peroxide through platinum reaction chambers. These, in return, transform it into oxygen gas and water vapor. How does that help? Well, the resulted gas goes through small channels throughout the tentacles making them twitch.

When the gas buildup is too much to handle, the soft robot eliminates it old-school. Scientists made sure to make small orifices so the squishy robot can relieve the pressure.

Octobot might seem cute and fun, but there’s more than meets the eye. The team at Harvard believes it could “revolutionize how humans interact with machines”. The bot’s blueprints can be found here.

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